The software Global TTS is based on utilizes Google's text-to-speech (TTS) API as well as Google's translation API which are all part of Google's Cloud Computing software. Google's software API is made freely available to anybody with the wherewithal to implement. There is a cost of using Google's cloud computing software to perform the tasks required for text-to-speech and translation activities. Indeed, Google encourages use of its Google Cloud Computing for commercial purposes as one of many ways it makes money.


Global TTS does not own nor claim any rights to any of the audio speech produced by our users.

That said, it is legally unclear whether Google allows for commercial applications of any of the voices created from its software. For example, is it OK to use a Google voice to narrate a YouTube video where ad revenue is generated? Can a Google voice be used to narrate an audiobook which is then subsequently sold? Does the user "own" the copyright to that recording of text spoken by a Google voice or is it owned by Google? Can a user sell the recorded audio file?

Inquiries made to Google from ourselves as well as other tech companies who also use Google cloud services have never recieved a clear-cut answer to any of these questions. That said, the pervading opinion from IP lawyers is that the copyright belongs to the user of any Google voice recordings made from original user-provided text.

The key point is that the text used for text-to-speech is original and not copied from somebody else.

Accuracy of TTS and Translation TTS

Needless to say, the accuracy of text-to-speech as well as any translation services provided is only as good as the text provided as well as how good Google's cloud computing software is (which is constantly evolving and improving) . Global TTS is not liable for any inaccuracies in translations as well as speech produced. Global TTS is the mere middle-man allowing lay users to utilize Google's cloud computing software at affordable prices.


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