Avatars Available for Lip Sync Narration (Talking Heads)

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We offer lip synchronized talking heads for your video, narration, or TTS projects. We currently have over 100 different Toonly avatars a user can choose from the table below. Please allow 10-20 seconds for images to appear depending on your internet speed.

The cost for creating a lip synchronized talking head is as follows:

     • $10 per minute against a green screen (rounded to the nearest half-minute).
     • Add $20 per minute (rounded to nearest half-minute) if you want us to insert the talking head into your video project.
     • Please be aware that at this time, the maximum duration of projects we will accept is 5 minutes. If the duration is longer, please contact us for a custom quote. Cost per minute increases significantly after 5 minutes.

To order a talking head, follow these steps:

Step 1: Pick the avatar you would like to use from the table below.

Step 2: Have a narration or TTS voice already prepared.

Step 3: Complete and submit this form.

Step 4: We will reply with the total cost of the project. If you agree to the cost, orders will be paid via PayPal and will go to "Global TTS." Project will then begin and typically be completed within 24 hours.

If you need to contact support, you can reach us here.

For video creators, we also maintain a complete searchable table of all stock character images for Toonly, Powtoon, and Vyond.


Table of Toonly Avatars Available

Avatar Name Character Image
African American Boy
African American Business Man
African American Business Woman
African American Girl
African American Girl 2
African American Man
African American Man 2
African American Man 3
African American Old Woman
African American Police Man
African American Police Woman
African American Woman
African American Woman 2
African American Woman 3
African American Woman 4
Air Hostess
Asian American Boy
Asian American Girl
Asian American Man
Asian American Woman
Asian Old Woman
Baby Boy
Boy in Chrismas Wear
Business Man
College Boy
Construction Worker
Construction Worker 2
Disabled Woman
Doctor 2
East American Man
East Asian Boy
Female Athlete
Female Chef
Female Firefighter
Female Hacker
Female Handball Player
Female Photographer
Female Professor
Female Racer
Female Security Guard
Female Surgeon
Female Tennis Player
Female Traveler
Fit Old Man
Full Bodied Man
Girl In Christmas Wear
Grey Haired Professor
Indian Man
IT Woman
Lady Doctor
Lady Santa
Latino American Man
Latino American Man 2
Latino Hispanic Boy
Latino Hispanic Girl
Latino Hispanic Man
Latino Hispanic Woman
Male Firefighter
Male Hairdresser
Male Insurance Agent
Male Patient
Male Researcher
Male Security Guard
Male Spy
Male Traveler
Man in Christmas Wear
Middle Aged Man
Middle Eastern Boy
Middle Eastern Girl
Middle Eastern Man
Middle Eastern Old Man
Middle Eastern Old Woman
Middle Eastern Woman
Native American Man
Native American Woman
Old Man
Old Woman
Police Man
Police Woman
School Girl
Shepherd Boy
Spanish Boy
Spanish Man
Super Boy
Super Girl
White American Boy
White American Boy 2
White American Business Man
White American Girl
White American Girl 2
White American Girl 3
White American Girl 4
White American Man
White American Man 2
White American Man 3
White American Woman
White American Woman 2
White American Woman 3
Woman in Christmas Wear
Yoga Instructor

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