About Us

Based in Virginia, USA, Global TTS is an online company developing software using Google AI technology that can be used to convert any text to a lifelike sounding voice for videos, ads, audio books, and more.

Dr. Christopher Chang

Global TTS was created and founded by Dr. Chang, a medical doctor specializing in otolaryngology. An avid YouTube creator, he became frustrated by the monthly subscriptions and partial voice offerings of commercial TTS companies. While researching ways to create natural sounding foreign language narration for his videos, he decided to create his own TTS company utilizing Google AI technology without any monthly fees and full access to all voices available.

Nick Gallo, DPT

Nick Gallo is a certified physical therapist, avid videographer, blogger, and author of several e-books. Nick and Dr. Chang have collaborated in many other projects in the past. Global TTS is just the latest collaboration between the two.

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